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Products & Services
We offer Contract Research and Custom Synthesis services to customers. Our staff have knowledge in and access to the latest information and technology in organic synthesis, rare chemicals synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, chiral chemistry, peptide synthesis and process research

Contract Research:

We work with pharmaceutical companies during the various phases of drug commercialization, from drug discovery to launch. Under strict confidentiality arrangements, we provide contract research services, from economically viable route finding, to process research to process development, in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient development and Intermediates development. The customer not only benefits from outsourcing the activities, but also owns the technology and capability at the end.

We offer high quality project management to track the project from start to finish, including the necessary documentation and regulatory compliance.

Custom Synthesis:

We have lab, multi-kilo and commercial scale capabilities, to provide a diverse range of custom synthesis services to our customers including Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Nutraceutical Intermediates, Chiral compounds, Peptides and other Building Blocks.

We primarily undertake make-to-order synthesis, in order to cater to unique customer requirements for intermediates and raw materials.

Our focus is on delivering innovative synthesis solutions to our customer at competitive price and at high speed. We work to customer' s schedules and tight deadlines. We offer reliable service and a collaborative approach to meeting the customers' needs.

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